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General Terms and Conditions

Bed & Breakfast Villa Aurora general conditions

B & B Villa Aurora has 7 double rooms. The rooms have their own shower/toilet. In all rooms

has a park/garden view. Free Wi-Fi.

The room reservation is valid when the reservation fee of 100 euros has been paid. The final performance must be done at the latest

14 days before arrival. Please leave your name and date of stay in the message.

Our account number is (IBAN)  FI 02 5549 8320 0754 43, and BIC is OKOYFIHH.      

The cancellation must be made in writing 14 days before the visit and it becomes effective when the cancellation is confirmed

on behalf of the accommodation company. The booking fee is included in the room price.

Arrival: check-in from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Foto Art Deco store at Ratakatu 9,

Hanko, where the keys are handed over. Late arrival to be agreed separately; however, before 8 p.m.

Reception phone call  09.00 - 21.00.

A valid ID must be presented. Children under 18 only accompanied by an adult.

Check-out: handover of the room by 11:00.

Breakfast is served in the dining room from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. To avoid food waste, we have created

menu options. Meny selections must be announced by e-mail the day before by 19:00

or as a text message to the phone. Menu options are available upon login. Breakfast is not included

for the price of the room. Possible allergies should be mentioned!

Parking spaces are reserved for private cars (not e.g. motorhomes) and there is one per room.

Parking is free.

There is one pet room. An additional fee of 20 euros is charged for accommodating a pet, however only

from one night. A pet (dog or cat) can stay with its owner under certain conditions:

the pet must not cause harm to others and the pet must not be left alone in the room. It's a pet

to be kept connected in common areas. The dining room and terraces are not for use by pets.

Villa Aurora is a conservation site in the building plan. Any activity that produces fire or smoke

not allowed. If the guest causes a fire alarm on purpose or through negligence, respond

he alone for the expenses caused by the alarm. If the alarm leads to the activation of the extinguishing system,

responsible for all damages. Dangerous or flammable items may not be brought into the property

substances. Electrical devices must not be left on unattended and their use must be avoided in shower/toilet areas.

The guest is responsible for damages caused intentionally or negligently, which he or

his entourage causes to the object or its chattels. The guest is responsible for his own belongings.

The owner of B & B Villa Aurora is not responsible for the customer's belongings or other property in the room

let's break. The owner is also not responsible for a stranger's means of transport or the property inside it

damage or loss.

The owner has the right to interrupt the visit if the guest commits disorderly or significant disturbances

to violations of the rules of the property or can be suspected on significant grounds of persons or property

being in danger. In this case, the owner is not liable for compensation for the missed visit

of time.

The guest has the right to interrupt the visit if the destination deviates significantly from what was told in advance.

Complaints to the owner must be made as soon as possible. If the complaint is only made after the visit

after, the owner is not liable for compensation to the guest.

Bed & Breakfast Villa Aurora Oy, Vartiovuorentie 4, HANKO

Phone: +358 44 9703750 e-mail:

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